Work with Lucy Clarke

Functional Nutrition and Acupuncture

My work is primarily supporting women with Female Health conditions and couples to support fertility, conception and pregnancy. I do this by blending my time in clinic with Acupuncture and online with Functional Nutrition Therapy. Treatment also involves diet and lifestyle change, health coaching and when necessary advanced functional testing to identify specific imbalances.

Lucy Clarke sitting
Lucy Clarke Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Clinic

My Acupuncture clinic runs on a Monday and Thursday and is based in a quiet city centre location with private off street parking. Evening appointments can be made. Fertility Support Acupuncture (FSA) initial consultations and discussing functional test results can be arranged online however, all Acupuncture treatments are conducted in clinic.

Lucy Clarke Online Nutrition Consultation

Online Functional Nutrition Therapy

Functional Nutrition Therapy is offered online with affordable Nutrition Programmes which are personalised to your health needs. These range from £50 per week with regular appointments (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) scheduled to support necessary diet and lifestyle changes required to achieve your health goals. Private Nutrition Testing Packages can be arranged locally or completed at home.

Next Steps

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