In Clinic

In Clinic with Lucy Clarke Acupuncture is a section containing links to the following pages – 

– What happens during treatment? 
Infographic detailing to flow of what happens during an acupuncture treatment. From your first visit and what to wear to what to expect and explaining acupuncture dose and frequency. 

– Acupuncture without needles
Information on all of the acupuncture treatment adjuncts in clinic that don’t involve the use of needles. These include Chinese Cupping, and Gua She, Moxibustion,  Infrared Heat therapy and Chinese Dietary Advice. 

– Patient Corner 
This is a resource for acupuncture patients currently attending clinic. It includes downloads, handouts, book references and useful contact information. 

Lucy  treating patients leg in acupuncture clinic
In Clinic Lucy Clarke Acupuncture