In Clinic with Lucy Clarke

Inside the clinic

Lucy’s Acupuncture Clinic

This area of the website provides further information on what happens in my acupuncture clinic. Find out what takes place during your 1st acupuncture consultation and treatment.
Read about the many different treatments adjuncts that support acupuncture and patients can access my Patient Hub.  

What happens during treatment infographic

What happens during an Acupuncture appointment?

Find out what happens when you come for Acupuncture and what is involved at different stages of treatment. A useful infographic leads you through what happens from your initial consultation and 1st treatment right through to a recommended treatment plan.

Image of Cupping during Acupuncture Session

Acupuncture without needles!

Acupuncture treatment involves much more than needles! Different treatments are used alongside acupuncture needles to produce the best results. Learn more about Chinese Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion and more. For some conditions I don’t use needles at all!

Patient Hub

Patient Hub is a resource for my current patients. Here you can access information on books, products and recipes. There is further fertility support and details on various functional medicine tests and information on the  results of conventional blood tests and investigations.