Sport Acupuncture

Young sportive couple exercising with medicine balls on yoga mats. Acupuncture supports health and fitness.

Acupuncture supports health & fitness

Many sports enthusiasts, athletes, fitness coaches and dancers are have regular Acupuncture to support their health and fitness. Not only does it effectively treat musculoskeletal problems, it helps maximise health and fitness and support people to perform at peak level.

Acupuncture supports an active lifestyle. It is used to heal pre-existing conditions and maintain your body, helping to prevent further injury. It is a natural, non-addictive therapy and effectively strengthens the mind-body connection and your overall health. Treatment can focus on treating sports injury and/or increasing performance enhancement. Regular treatment supports athletes and sports enthusiasts perform at peak fitness and strength.

How acupuncture can help training & performance

Acupuncture frequently treats people with the following conditions. Some further examples are listed in Pain & Discomfort. Let me know if you would like further information as I am happy to direct patients to research on acupuncture of the following conditions and imbalances:

  • Head and neck – cervical sprain, strain or compression
  • Upper body – rotator cuff pain, tendinosis, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, carpal tunnel
  • Back pain – including back & lumbar sprain/strain, slipped disc, muscle spasm
  • Hip & pelvic pain – Sciatic pain, groin pain e.g. Iliopsoas bursitis, pinched nerves
  • Thigh pain – problems with TFL and IT band, hamstring and quad tightness
  • Knee problems – ACL knee injuries, meniscus tears, cartilage damage
  • Calf, ankle & foot pain – shin splints, ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis

Below are some of the ways my treatments can help your body recover and repair both physically at a local level and on a more general systemic level:

  • Reducing tight, sore muscles
  • Muscles in spasm
  • Deactivation of myofacial restriction and reducing scar tissue and adhesions
  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Helps detect areas of chronic inflammation and areas of poor circulation and/or fibrosis.
  • Speeding injury repair
  • Delayed muscle soreness after training
  • Supporting and increasing strength & endurance
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Treating delayed muscles soreness
  • Supported local acupuncture with afferent nerve stimulation, vasodilation, nerve growth and blood vessel proliferation

Treatment for some cases uses distal acupuncture where needles are placed away from the inflamed area.

Two people fitness running, acupuncture supports health and fitness.

Acupuncture reduces pain and increases wellbeing

Acupuncture blocks and changes pain signals in the Central Nervous System and Neuro-physiological mechanisms involved in acupuncture anaesthesia are well documented.

Acupuncture promotes feeling centred, calm and relaxed. And when you are feeling your best, you will be performing at your best.

Acupuncture promotes peak performance

When your body and mind are at peak level you perform your best. Additional benefits of Acupuncture involve improved flexibility and a greater range of motion by treating tight muscles and trigger & motor points. As acupuncture has been shown to support blood circulation it can help your cardiovascular system function better which may also allow you to train harder. There is even evidence demonstrating acupuncture increases your white blood cell count and therefore support your immune system to fight infection.

Maintenance acupuncture

I see patients regularly as part of their ongoing training schedule. This includes treating before and after sporting events as a preventative measure to avoid injury and to maximise performance. Treatment afterwards focus’ on promoting recovery and muscle regeneration. This means patients return to training quickly and avoid overworking their body and future trauma and injury. The benefit of regular treatment in between training and events promotes continued recovery and shortens your recovery time.

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