Online Fertility Acupuncture

Lucy Clarke doing an online fertility treatment consultation

Taking Control of your Fertility

Fertility Acupuncture is so much more than placing needles in the body.  Online fertility treatment allows you to take control of your body and health in order to maximise fertility levels.

For over 10 years I have worked with couples and individuals providing fertility acupuncture and I am a qualified Advanced Fertility Acupuncture practitioner. I am trained to understand Western fertility diagnoses and procedures and interpret these by applying Chinese Medical theory and different systems of acupuncture.

What does Online Fertility Acupuncture involve?

Online treatments allow us to work together remotely. A combination of questioning and assessment allows me to formulate your tailored treatment plan.  Each video call is followed up with and email summarising our conversation and the self-care treatments we have discussed.

  • Self-treatment & Self-care

Learning about your health imbalances and how acupuncture can boost fertility and support Western Medical fertility diagnosis & treatment. 

During our video calls I demonstrate and provide instructions on using acupuncture tools and techniques e.g. Acupressure, Moxibustion, & Cupping

I forward graphics and links to videos from the British Medical Acupuncture Society that demonstrate accurate Acu-point location

Auriculotherapy is explained and demonstration of ear seeds on Acupoints that balance health and boost fertility. I can provide you with ear seeds, graphics and instructions on how to apply them. 

  • Diet

I provide personalised advice using Chinese Medical dietary principles in order to promote and maintain fertility. Certain foods, spices and herbs are recommended to promote balanced health and optimise your fertility. I also explain which foods and drinks you are to avoid that may be impacting negatively of you health. 

  • Lifestyle

I suggest individualised, manageable lifestyle changes that support your fertility and help you get pregnant. These include relaxation techniques that lower cortisol levels and boosts sex hormones, tips to promote detoxification and balance hormone levels and overall health. 

  • Support

Whether you have recently started your fertility journey, or have been trying to get pregnant for what may seem like forever, talking things through really helps. I offer impartial advice and support for your journey to having a baby.

Acupuncture supplies used in online fertility self-treatments with Lucy Clarke

What is included?

  • Initial Consultation £60 (75-90 mins)  

    In-depth consultation to find out about your health and barriers preventing you from becoming pregnant. This forms the basis of an individualised treatment plan specific to your health and energetic imbalances. This ranges from advising you on which blood tests and fertility procedures may be beneficial, advice and methods to regulate menstruation and lifestyle and dietary changes to support conception and pregnancy. 
  • Follow-up Support/ Fertility Mentoring session £50 (45-60 mins) 

    Working remotely I provide a range of support including advice on regulating menstruation and understanding blood test results. Also providing information and explaining the differences between various fertility treatments and protocols through to supporting you to choose the fertility clinic that is right for you.   

Additional benefits to Online Fertility Treatment – 

  • Advice and support with charting your menstrual cycle in order to understand your fertility better; by understanding your body and hormones and when your are most fertile you are optimising your chances of conception. Popular fertility apps provide information but may not explain how to best use the information to maximise fertility and time intercourse for pregnancy.  

  • Helping you understand your fertility blood test results from your Doctor or Specialist. Also, which test results indicate further investigations are required; i.e. specific non-standard tests can help explain the broad category of unexplained infertility and many people know nothing or very little about these tests. 
  • Working together with your partner on male fertility issues in order to increase sperm count and sperm quality. I explain various ways to boost sperm health and provide information on a supportive diet and supplements. I also explain lifestyle factors that may be negatively impacting on sperm quality.

  • Providing information and signposting you to natural and safe self-treatments that promote and optimise your menstrual health, balance hormone levels and boost fertility
  • Providing you with hand outs and links to fertility research papers, useful fertility support organisations, groups and websites in order to gain an understanding of the issues involved and treatment options. This allows you make informed choices about your fertility treatment and how to move forward.
  • Forwarding information and research on supplements that have been shown to support and boost conception rates and maintain optimal health during pregnancy.
  • Providing advice and information on selecting a local, qualified acupuncturist who can treat and support you; someone who specializes in fertility acupuncture and can integrate Western Medical fertility diagnosis and treatment with Chinese Medicine theory and holistic treatment. 

Required for Online Fertility Treatment

  1. Completion and return of pre-treatment questionnaire and patient agreement (to confirm you understand and will comply with safety guidelines and remote treatment precautions for self-treatment)

  2. Any lifestyle and dietary changes, and the starting or stopping of supplements or medications must first be discussed with your doctor or qualified health professional 

  3. Regular photos of your tongue emailed over the course of your treatments

  4. Photo of your ear for Auriculotherapy

  5. Fertility Mentoring is scheduled as 1 hour weekly or fortnightly online sessions  

  6. Acupuncture Terms & Conditions apply.
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