Male Fertility

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Supporting male fertility

Involving and supporting men from the outset of the fertility process is hugely beneficial. Fertility treatment processes can be nerve-wracking and intimidating for all involved, but there is a lot that can be done to ensure that men involved are supported to achieve the best outcomes. Acupuncture treatment is one way.

Male Factor Infertility occurs in 40-50% of unexplained infertility cases and male health and fertility issues impact on fertilisation, implantation and pregnancy rates. Unlike women who are born with a finite number of eggs, sperm are constantly produced and renewed throughout a man’s life. The lifecycle of sperm is generally considered to be under 100 days. Therefore, in a relatively short space of time, improvements in male fertility can be measured. 

Acupuncture supports male fertility

Acupuncture research has shown treatment increases sperm quality, aids natural conception and also increases pregnancy rates when used as an adjunctive method to assisted conception. It does this by – 

  • Balancing and optimising male hormone levels 
  • Reducing stress levels & increasing sleep which in turn lower cortisol and increase testosterone and libido
  • Treating chronic pain by relaxing tight, sore muscles & painful joints  and also releasing neurotransmitters that modulate pain and aid relaxation and calm.

I can also advise on key tests and assessments patients can speak to their doctors about, e.g. blood and hormone tests, previous damage or trauma to the genitals from surgery or injury. When required I also signpost patients for further investigations and treatments including Genetic Testing, DNA fragmentation and Testicular Biopsy and Mapping.

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Benefits of regular acupuncture

Regular acupuncture treatment for 3 – 6 months is optimal combined with regular blood and semen analysis. Treatment options include individual 1-1 acupuncture treatment or a couple’s treatment (when appropriate).  Please note the initial consultation is always done in private, but if both partners agree they have the option of attending a joint couples treatment.  Each treatment takes between 70-90 minutes and is priced accordingly.

Boosting male fertility naturally 

There is now a strong body of evidence linking reduced sperm quality and count with poor lifestyle choices. The NHS gives guidance on how changing lifestyle can improve male fertility. Positive changes to lifestyle and diet have been shown to support male fertility and increase pregnancy rates. I work with male patients to support the following – 

  • Dietary adjustments and providing information on recognised supplements that boost male fertility levels
  • Reducing alcohol and smoking, as doing this is proven to increase male fertility

  • Looking at environmental factors which may be effecting male fertility
  • Other activities harmful to sperm production include overheating the testes, certain sports like endurance cycling and over exertion at the gym. 

If either partner wants to chat about acupuncture for male fertility then I’m happy to have a free mini consultation on the phone or in clinic. 

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